QQ Drinks

Our QQ drinks are fresh fruit teas or milk teas, made with different toppings.

QQ is a phrase used mostly in Taiwan that translates to mean chewy. Living up to its name, our QQ Drinks are indeed chewy, with a number of different toppings in each drink. The different toppings are paired with each fresh fruit tea or milk tea to balance the different tastes and textures.

F1 Passionfruit QQ (Boba and Lychee Jelly)

F2 Peach QQ (Boba, Lychee Jelly, and Peach Bits)

F3 California Fresh Fruit QQ (Lychee Jelly, Peach and Pineapple bits)

F4 Honey (Black or Green) Tea with Aloe Vera

F5 Twins QQ Jelly (Grass Jelly and Pudding)

F6 Toffee QQ (Boba and Brown Sugar Jelly)

F7 Peach Oolong with Fresh Mango QQ (Green Tea Jelly and Mango bits)

F8 Rosie Oolong with Lychee

F12 Matcha QQ (Matcha Pudding and Golden Boba)