Our teas served with your choice of organic fresh milk or nondairy creamer and your choice of toppings.

The Purple Kow Milk Tea is one of our signature drinks. There are a number of different teas to choose from to make a milk tea, including Black, Green, and Roast Oolong tea. Customers have the option of organic fresh milk or nondairy creamer, depending on customers' tastes and preferences. The organic fresh milk complements the teas nicely by giving it a creamier, sweeter taste. The nondairy creamer is a soy based creamer recommended for those that are lactose intolerant or looking for a bolder taste of the teas.

B1* Purple Kow Milk Tea

B2 Roast Oolong Milk Tea

B3* Honey Milk Tea

B4* Caramel Milk Tea

B5* Hazelnut Milk Tea

B6* Almond Milk Tea

B7* Chocolate Milk Tea

B8 Matcha Milk Green Tea

* All these milk teas can be made with your choice of Black or Green Tea