Purple Kow Iced Milk Drinks

Our signature drink served with organic milk and your choice of toppings.

The Purple Kow Iced Milk Drink is one of our most popular drinks. It is a house blended sweetened milk made only with organic milk. Customers are given the choice between the original, caramel, or chocolate flavor with a variety of different toppings. Our seasonal flavors of the iced milk drink include mint, strawberry, and fruity.


D1 with Boba

D2 with Pudding & Boba

D3 with Caramel, Pudding & Boba

D4 with Grass Jelly & Boba

D5 with Caramel, Grass Jelly & Boba 

D6 with Coffee Jelly & Boba

D7 with Chocolate, Pudding & Boba

D8 Double Chocolate with Chocolate, Tcho's Chocolate Pudding & Boba

D10 Pistachio Iced Milk Drink with Matcha Pudding & Boba

D12 with Matcha Pudding, Tcho's Chocolate Pudding & Boba