Fresh Fruit Teas

Our fresh, house made fruit purees infused with tea, fresh fruit bits, and your choice of toppings.

Our fresh fruit teas are infused with a house made puree, consisting of organic fruits. Each fruit tea can be made with either Black, Green, or Jade Oolong. These fresh teas are sweet and refreshing, without the use of artificial syrups and sweeteners.

C1* Honey Tea

C2* Fresh Mango Tea

C3* Fresh Lemon Tea

C5* Fresh Pineapple Tea

C6* Fresh Grapefruit Tea

C7* Passionfruit Tea

C8* Plum Tea

C9* Fresh Lime Plum Tea

C10* Lychee Tea

C11 Yakult Green Tea

C12 Yakult Mango Green Tea

C13 Fresh Orange Yakult

C14* Fresh Strawberry Tea

C15* Fresh Peach Tea

C16 Yakult Peach Green Tea

*All these fresh fruit teas can be made with your 

choice of Black, Green, or Jade Oolong Tea