The Full Story

We take pride in the fact that we use the very best and the healthiest options possible for all our products. It's a commitment and promise to our customers that we will always strive to keep. However, rarely do we ever mention our hopes for you, the customer. We want to create products that carry a sentimental value or memory with them. We aim for our products to leave a lasting impact, so that you'll remember us fondly. Our hope is that one day you'll look back and reminisce about the times when you went out on a late night boba run to Purple Kow, or treated yourself to a D3 after a stressful exam. We intend for our products to leave a lasting taste that you'll always think back to and occasionally crave. Years down the line, maybe you’ll be reminded of the taste of your favorite drink from Purple Kow and you’ll get a sudden craving for it. While you may associate Purple Kow with long lines and wait times, we want you to remember the conversations you had while waiting in line, or that feeling when you finally take the first sip of your drink. We want more than to just simply promise high quality ingredients because the memories that you make are equally important. When you’re feeling some type of way, whether that be happy, down, or stressed, our doors are open. Purple Kow has, and always will be, a place for comfort, dessert, coffee, and tea.